How Can Chiropractic Aid in Fascia Repair

Describing fascia has always been difficult. My patients have all heard of bone, tendon, nerve, ligament, vertebrae, but fascia?? Anatomy books picture in detail every organ, muscle, bone, but the fascia supporting fibers are all excised as if they never existed. The body’s organs just seem to float in their bony cavities.
It turns out that fascia is important.

According to the Fascia Research Society, “fascia is the most pervasive, but perhaps least understood network of the human body. No longer considered the ‘scraps’ of cadaver dissections, fascia has now attracted the attention of scientists and clinicians alike.”

This is because fascia, unlike skin, blood vessels, liver or heart, is comprised of mostly collagen fibers either organized into sheets or ropes bathed in a slippery fluid matrix. Fascia is mostly the protein threads that cells produce, not the cells itself. The collagen protein sheets surround muscles, tendon, ligaments and bone. Fascia is the real mortar and flexible cables that attach all soft tissue to bone and to each other.

Fascia roles are diverse and are not limited to the muscle-skeletal system, but for this short blog, only muscle-skeletal roles will be discussed.
Some of fascia’s muscle skeletal roles:
1. Provide slippery surface so muscles and tendons slide over one another
2. Attaches the body’s organs to bones and each other so they remain in place
with movement
3. Optimize muscle movement patterns by physically attaching one muscle to
4. Protects muscles from being overstretched
5. Sets muscle tone

Chiropractic and fascial manipulation technique can help restore fascial integrity when damaged.

Provide slippery surface so muscles and tendons slide over one another
Fascial cells produce hyaluronic acid, a fluid that bathes the many layers of fascial sheets allowing them to slide effortlessly over one another. After an injury, hyaluronic acid coagulates and stiffens, greatly decreasing the ability of fascial sheets from effortlessly sliding over one another. This causes pain syndromes, stiffness, thickening of tissue and decreases the body’s ability to move well. Chiropractic and fascial manipulation technique can greatly help.
Attaches the body’s organs to bones and each other so they remain in place with movement
Organs do not float, they are physically attached by fascia to neighboring bones and organs. Damage to a muscle or fascia can gently tug on a organ distorting its shape and interfering with its function. This can cause many symptoms. Chiropractic and fascial manipulation technique can greatly help.
Attaches the body’s organs to bones and each other so they remain in place with movement
Muscle do not move individually. As a muscle contracts, fascial fibers from the contracted muscle tug on other muscles exciting them and changing their contracted direction. The fascial network hardwires common movement patterns so that we can move effectively and quickly. After an injury, the damaged or frayed fibers do not effectively pull muscles in their correct line of drive resulting in dysfunctional movement. This can cause pain, over-use syndromes, restricted range of motion, and damage to joints. Chiropractic and fascial manipulation technique can greatly help.
Protects muscles from being overstretched
Fascial sheets surround muscles, bands, and tendons like saran wrap. Generally, fascia’s ability to stretch is less than muscles’. So when a muscle approaches its stretched limit, fascia provides extra armor to limit tension and is often injured causing inflammation, thickening, and dysfunctional pain patterns. Chiropractic and fascial manipulation technique can greatly help.
Sets muscle tone
Embedded in fascia are precision motion detectors that provide feedback to the brain of muscles tone and position. This feedback is essential to smooth movement. When damaged through trauma or over-use, these receptors do not provide the brain with accurate information resulting in often tight or flaccid muscles and movement dysfunction. Movement dysfunction can cause pain, over-use syndromes, restricted range of motion and damage to joints. Chiropractic and fascial manipulation technique can greatly help.

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New York City NY Chiropractor, Helps Hundreds In The Local Community

Jeffrey Linder, DC from Bryant Park Wellness ( is active in chiropractic care and education for local residents. The well-respected chiropractors at the center share state-of-the-art techniques and knowledge to patients of all ages.

PRESS RELEASE: New York City NY, 27-NOVEMBER-2013 – Bryant Park Wellness and Dr. Jeffrey Linder DC, New York City NY chiropractor, are pleased to announce that the long-standing chiropractic care center has been bringing state-of-the-art methods and technology to hundreds of patients over the years. The doctor is able to relieve painful symptoms and other conditions that interfere with wellness using gentle and natural techniques.

New York City NY chiropractor, Dr. Linder DC, spoke recently to an interviewer. “Chiropractic medicine emphasizes the natural approach to wellness, making it more appealing to those who are suffering from chronic pain or other conditions which affect health and mobility. We do a complete examination to determine the current state of health so that we may determine the best approach to improve health. We have found that patients who are personally involved in the understanding and application of the care plan will recover more quickly and the results will last longer.”

“Supplemental chiropractic techniques include factors such as nutrition, stress reduction and posture” he continues, “Chiropractors know that correct alignment in the spinal column improves the function of all part of the body. A spinal column that is free of subluxations assures flexibility, vitality, mobility and strength. Spinal health is a major component of a state of wellness.”

The chiropractic team is available to locals in the area for educational and counseling services. The doctor will speak to groups about health and wellness issues upon request. In addition, there is health-related material posted on the website, as well as links to other resources for those who are seeking answers to health questions. The methods are non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical.

Learn more about chiropractic benefits for locals by visiting the website at today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Dr. Jeffrey Linder DC, New York City chiropractor, at the address provided below.

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Chiropractic Role in Optimizing Movement

Although chiropractic was founded in 1895, there is still much controversy in chiropractic’s role in optimizing health and more narrowly optimizing movement.

The specialty of optimizing movement is not some inconsequential sub-sub-sub specialty of orthopedics.  The benefits of optimizing movement in the healthy and the sick are vast.  By optimizing movement, we can reduce the odds of becoming injured, improve balance, improve athletic ability, reduce pain, reduce degeneration, reduce incidences of orthopedic surgery and improve pre and post-operative rehabilitation costs.  Also by optimizing movement, we can also reduce disability claims.  The benefits can potentially save billions of dollars and increase the activity of millions.

Unfortunately, the field of improving movement belongs to the physical therapist, the occupational therapist, the coaches, and the personal trainers.  The physical therapist and occupational therapists emphasis of primarily catering to the “sick” neglects the majority of the population.  They mostly work in clinics helping the sick move better, not the average to move better.  The coaches and personal trainers work in gyms and sports venues helping the average to move better, not the sick to move better.  Chiropractors have a history of working with both populations.

According to Gray Cook, MSPT, OCS, CSCS, improving movement performance is based on mastering movement skills as you move through three performance tiers.  Each successive movement tier is more specialized then the tier below.  Many injuries can be prevented and performance can be improved by first mastering the basics of movement before attempting to master more complex movements such as a baseball pitch.

Once again, according to Gray Cook, the first tier is called the Functional Movement Tier.  As described in Gray Cook’s book, Movement, Functional Movement Systems, the Functional Movement Tier is “the foundation, and represents the ability to move through fundamental patterns such as squatting, lunging and stepping, disregarding performance and physical capacity.  The only focus is movement quality.”  The issues of speed, endurance, and power are not important in the tier.  The tier’s emphasis is on balance, primary strength, flexibility, and coordination.  Once these basic skills are mastered, then it is safer to progress to the next tier and master a more complex skill set.

Chiropractic can play an ideal role as the practitioner and coach in The Functional Movement Tier.  Their background in the study and practice of spinal and extremity joint mechanics, neuromusculoskeletal coordination and balance, nervous system anatomy and function, biomechanical assessment, and there emphasis on holistic movement and health is ideal.

Chiropractic can also play an important role in the next tier and this will be elaborated in another blog post.

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Learn How New York City NY Chiropractor Helps Alleviate Pain From Auto Accidents

When you are involved in an auto accident, the extent of the injuries sustained may not be immediately apparent. Although some tests may be performed if you visit an emergency room, some problems will not be felt until a few hours or even several days later. In this type of circumstance, it is advisable to visit a New York City NY chiropractor.

It is easy to overlook injuries from a car crash because of the high level of adrenaline that will be in the victim’s body at that time. However, some days later, the individual may start experiencing pain in the back, neck and other parts of the body. The spine might have become misaligned and some muscles may be overstretched.

The whiplash is one of the conditions that chiropractic doctors commonly deal with after a car crash. It often results in painful feelings and stiffness in the lower back, jaw, shoulder and neck. There may also be muscular spasms.

These symptoms can be alleviated through the effective techniques that the chiropractic practitioner will implement. You will regain the natural movement of your spine; soreness and minor muscle tears will also be healed. This outcome will be achieved naturally without the use of drugs.

Massage therapy may be needed for the alleviation of tightness and muscle spasms. This therapy will be combined with the other regular techniques used by these professionals. They work together to ease the discomfort and relieve other symptoms. This will help the patient to return to normal health very quickly.

There are different types of injuries that may occur as a result of an auto accident. If these problems are not properly handled, they can lead to more severe health conditions. This is why you should not delay to get in touch with a New York City NY chiropractor. You will receive the necessary tests and the right solutions will be provided.

Chiropractic care helps relieve knee, buttock, spine and arm pain safely and effectively. Visit this link for more information about an experienced New York City NY chiropractor at now.

What is Neural Flossing?

Because neurological pain can be debilitating, any strategy that can safely and inexpensively reduce the severity of these symptoms of pain is welcome.  This is especially true for chronic pain.  Sufferers of chronic neurological pain desperately want strategies that are not overly dependant on medications and their side effects.  The strategies may include home based exercises, anti-inflammatory diets, wearing desensitizing clothing, yoga and life style modification.  A common and increasingly popular home based exercise named neural flossing targets a type of neurological pain called peripheral neuropathy.

The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy are diverse and can include numbness, pain, burning, muscle atrophy, muscle weakness and strange sensation running down your arms or legs, or localized to any part of your extremities.  The causes can range from metabolic, traumatic, auto-immune, infectious, cancer, toxicity, and mechanical.

As a nerve branch from the spinal cord and leave the relative safety of the spine, they travel through holes, tunnels, and grooves, they wrap around hard and soft tissues, and they pass through previously injured scared tissue.  As we move, it is normal and vital that nerves easily slide, elongate, become compressed, and rebound as they travel through all tissues.  If this dynamic fails, the nervous system will be vulnerable to inflammation, fibrosis, swelling, hypoxia, and altered function.  Altered function in turn may produce the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.  This type of peripheral neuropathy is mechanically caused and may be helped by an exercise called neural flossing.

Neural flossing is a type of neural mobilization that attempts to restore the balance between the relative movement of neural tissues and surrounding tissues by reducing the intrinsic pressures between the nerve and its path.  The benefits of neural flossing are claimed to be improved nerve gliding, reduction of nerve adherence, dispersion of noxious fluids, increased neural vascularity, and improvement of pain.  Nerve function can improve.  At present, more studies are needed to validate this home procedure.

The nerves most commonly “flossed” are the ulnar, radial, and the median.  The sciatic nerve is also “flossed.”

Neural flossing involves gliding a stretched nerve through its path by alternating between two stretched positions.   For example, first,a person outstretches their arm and flexes their wrist while bending their neck toward the outstretched arm.  This position stretches one of the three major nerves traveling down the arm.  By maintaining this position, the nerve is stretched and remains immovable compared to its path.   Then the person bends their neck in the opposite direction while extending their wrist.  Nerve tension remains constant but the nerve now glides through its path due to a new body position.  The nerve slides through the tissues connecting the two endpoints breaking up adhesions and reducing mechanical compression.   The nerve flosses its path and theoretically breaks up “debris.”

Nerve flossing is usually an at home adjunct to be used in conjunction with a chiropractic visit that can also include a type of myofascial release, adjustments, and supervised exercise.

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New York City, NY Chiropractor Sports Pain – Dr. Jeffrey Linder

How Chiropractic Helps Sport Injuries In New York City NY

Chiropractic therapy emphasizes the alignment of the bones, joints, muscles, and spine to ensure free range of motion without discomfort. The New York City NY chiropractor assists it detecting problems that could be limiting fuller mobility. It is necessary to seek professional assistance for the safe recovery from sports injuries and improvements in overall performance.

When the body is in an imbalanced state, engagement in rigorous activities will place a fair amount of stress and strain on physical components. Alignment problems of the spine, neck, joints, and muscles will prevent athletes from achieving their full performance capabilities. The chiropractic approach offers safe and gentle intervention to relieve sports injuries, pain, herniated discs, and strained muscles.

A proactive approach is adopted to effectively address physical problems. The aim is to restore fuller function, enhance performance, prevent running injuries, and relieve pain. The focus is on facilitating the healing processes between the spine, muscular and functional systems. Only when the body is in an aligned state will nerves and tissues operate optimally.

While many sports persons stretch and warm up before an activity, prolonged and intense action can cause injuries. Overuse is another common form of damage and occurs with wear and tear of the joints. Soft tissue injuries, trauma, muscle strain, tendonitis, contusions, and ligament strains are often the outcome.

Many athletes are often sidelined because of recurring injuries or poor healing processes. Chiropractic care focuses on providing the body with support and balance before engaging in activity. The performance of adjustments can tend to joints and the spinal column that are in a state of misalignment and impeding function.

The New York City NY chiropractor develops individual programs for recovery and improved performance. Adjustments and exercise plans tailored to cope with sporting events can prepare the joints and prevent risk of injuries. Such measures assist athletes in returning to training and professional activities sooner.

Chiropractic care helps relieve ankle, knee, buttock and spine pain safely and effectively. Visit this link for more information about a reputable New York City NY chiropractor at now.

New York City, NY Chiropractor for Carpal Tunnel – Dr. Jeffrey Linder

New York City Chiropractic Office, Bryant Park Wellness, Puts A New Twist On Chiropractic Care

Jeffrey Linder, DC from Bryant Park Wellness ( offers up-to-the-minute methods and knowledge about health and wellness at his local practice. The philosophy of chiropractics avoids the use of invasive techniques and of pharmaceuticals.

PRESS RELEASE: New York City, NY, 21-OCTOBER-2013 – Bryant Park Wellness and Dr. Jeffrey Linder DC, New York City chiropractor, are pleased to announce that current technology and methods are available to address a wide range of painful symptoms and related conditions. The methods used by today’s chiropractor are gentle and natural. There are no invasive or pharmaceutical measures recommended.

Dr. Linder DC, New York City chiropractor, explained to an interviewer recently, “Our patients often come to us mainly to reduce their spinal pain. However, when they realize that their pain is not only due to a localized injury, but due to their body not functioning at its peak, they often decide to pursue a holistic approach to pain-relief. Our holistic approach leads to pain reduction, improved body function, increased ability to adapt to the stress, reduced incidence of disease, and improved health and vitality. Our chiropractic program begins by reducing your pain, improving your posture, and returning you to your active life, and also serves as a foundation for creating a full-scale wellness life-style.”

He continues, “In addition to chiropractic measures, we provide services including nutritional counseling, auriculotherapy, fitness and rehabilitation. Spinal health is the basis of overall good health. A properly aligned spine insures greater mobility, flexibility, strength, vitality, effortlessly fights the downward pull of gravity, and assists in the proper functioning of all your vital organs. As posture improves, stored energy is redirected from fighting gravity to providing greater cognition, improved vital functions, movement, and healing. But these benefits are only the tip of the iceberg. Normal spinal movement and alignment also protects our joints and nerves. The greatest chiropractic benefit occurs from improved nerve functions.”

The doctor advocates the use of the Advanced BioStructural Correction technique which consistently corrects spinal posture and significantly reduces mechanical stress on joints, muscles, ligaments, and nerves. The chiropractor uses myofascial release and the Graston Technique, an instrument assisted protocol to stretch ligaments, break down scar tissue and adhesions, and decrease hyperactive, tight muscles.

Learn more about chiropractic and natural methods that are state-of-the-art by visiting the website at today. Members of the press and individuals who have further questions about the contents of this press release are invited to contact Dr. Jeffrey Linder DC, New York City chiropractor, at the address below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Jeffrey Linder, DC

Company Name: Bryant Park Wellness

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Learn How Chiropractic Helps Relieve Pinched Nerves In New York City

If you have persistent pain that is caused by a pinched nerve, it is advisable to go for chiropractic care. The relief that you want can be obtained with the methods that a New York City chiropractor will utilize. The source of this problem will be determined and your discomfort can be successfully alleviated.

This disorder is usually experienced in the neck, the back and the hand. It can happen in a variety of ways. It can be as a result of a compression or an overstretching of the affected area. This can be initiated by arthritis or any other condition in your bones.

Some of the other symptoms that sufferers may experience include numbness, burning sensations and weakness of certain muscles. You can avoid the use of drugs as well as surgery if you choose chiropractic care. The necessary tests will be conducted by the doctor so as to find out the exact location of this disorder.

Once a proper identification has been done, the solution that is appropriate will then be applied. Various methods including spinal adjustments will be utilized to provide the patient with relief. You do not have to go to the clinic too many times before your discomfort is completely alleviated.

The correction of the misalignment of your spine makes it possible to promote the health of the bones and the nervous system. In cases that are more severe, additional methods such as physical therapy and soft tissue therapy may be needed. The overall objective is to enable the body to heal itself.

A New York City chiropractor is a professional that you should go to when you have pinched nerve problems. This is not a problem that you can ignore for a long time. If the right solution is not found for this condition on time, further injury and complications may happen.

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